Saturday, August 29, 2009

Preserving Memories

As we age our bones may get brittle, our hair may get dull, and other such things that come with age. Photographs are no different.

I am in a race against time to try and preserve photos that were taken before the use of archival paper and ink. Unfortunately, it has been too late for some. I sometimes spend hours scanning photos, unfortunately, having to make the hard decisions on which ones to preserve. We have hundreds of photos.

The photo in the scrapbook page is one of me and my sister, Karen, taken when we lived at Ft. Ord, California. I can remember the house located on Brittany Road. By our dress and remembering the routines of childhood it is probably Sunday. Sundays were the time for photos and rides to Monterrey, Carmel, and other places outside the army base.

This photo is quite unique as it is extremely rare that Karen and I are alone in a photograph at this age. Don't know why. But when photos were taken, I was usually paired with my sister Lynette. Karen was paired with our sister Alesia. I suspect it is because we were two pairs--Donna and Lynette, and Karen and Alesia. The age difference between the two oldest is 2 years and between the two youngest is one year. However, there is 4 years between the two middle sisters.

Photographs give me much joy and I treasure all that remain, and remember all the memories from the ones that are gone.

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