Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm in that mood where I need to organize, re-organize, re-re-organize whatever I touch. It was my intent last night to sit down and finish a scrapbook page, but instead I spent 3 hours ORGANIZING my layouts. Organizing--am I procrastinating or am I looking for inspiration?

Whether it is procrastination or inspiration the process of organizing is very productive, for me, I think! But yesterday it was. After I finished creating folders and putting the proper things in them, I finished a layout that had been started in March 2009.

The pictures are from a trip I took with my best friend, Cathy, to Miami. It is a place where Cathy thrives--the hot weather, the beach, and dancing all night. Miami, for me, was too hot/humid and I go to bed at 9 PM.

Therefore absent from these scrapbook pages are pictures of me. To Cathy, I offer them in remembrance to our time spent hanging out in MIAMI.


P.S. I haven't got the hang of placing pictures on this blog. Hope the post isn't too distracting.

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